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We've built custom solutions and integrations for several platforms. You can explore some of our latest projects below.

Custom Client Administration Area

  • Automatically process deposits into MetaTrader4 via payment processors like Global Collect, Swipe, and others.
  • Allows administrators to create and manage MetaTrader4 accounts.
  • Allow clients to manage their MetaTrader4 account passwords and request new MetaTrader4 accounts pending administrator approval.
  • Display an overall summary and status of daily MetaTrader4 interactions to both clients and administrators. Integration

  • Display and process trade and account information from MetaTrader4.
  • Allow administrators to create and manage MetaTrader4 accounts from within
  • Verify placed trades and profits using reporting tools.
  • Generate sales reports incorporating MetaTrader4 data.
  • View key customer MetaTrader4 information like current balance, P/L, and open trades during sales and support calls.